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Fluid Bed Granulation

Fluid Bed Granulation

This video provides a functional overview of the fluid bed granulation and drying processes used in oral solid dose manufacturing, as well as the raw material properties that impact the process including particle size distribution, moisture content, solubility in the binding solution, ability to absorb the binding solution and surface roughness.

Used by Drug Makers, Equipment Manufacturers, College and University Professors, Technical Schools, Training Consultants, Operating Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Field Service Professionals, and Industry Regulators.

Narrative Excerpts

"...wet granules must be dried prior to compression. Traditionally, this has been done using Tray Drying Ovens. This is a highly manual process with drying time of several hours as liquid can only be lost from the upper surface of the granule packed in the tray..."

"...fluid Bed Dryers are now more commonly used. Here warm, dehumidified air is passed up through a fine mesh at the base at such a force that it fluidizes the granules, while cloth filter bags at the top prevent granules from escaping. As the liquid can be lost from a much greater surface area, drying times are shortened to less than an hour.  However, excessive movement of the wet mixture may lead to break up of the granules..."

"...the use of Microwave / Vacuum Dryers is increasing in industry; they have significant advantages in that they allow for granulation and drying to be conducted in the same vessel. Microwave drying gives rapid drying at relatively low temperatures and with stationary granules so there is less attrition to the mix..."

"...milling is often used following the granulation stages to break down lumps or agglomerates giving a more uniform granule size. This can be Wet Milling - directly after the mixer granulator and before the dryer or Dry Milling - directly after the dryer..."


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