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High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

This video provides a functional overview of the high performance liquid chromatography process using a Waters Alliance System with a UV detector.

Used by Drug Makers, Equipment Manufacturers, College and University Professors, Technical Schools, Training Consultants, Operating Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Field Service Professionals, and Industry Regulators.

Narrative Excerpts

"...as part of your overall training, you will be introduced to High Performance Liquid Chromatography using a Waters Alliance System with a UV Detector.  Since the late 1970's, HPLC has emerged as the most unique, powerful, and versatile analytical technique in the world capable of separation and quantitation..."

"...according to the method required, samples are analyzed via a Florescence Detector, Electrochemical Detector, Refractive Index detector or a UV Visible Detector. The most common detection in  chromatography is UV detection.  In our configuration, the sample proceeds from the column to a UV Visible Detector..."


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