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High Shear Granulation

High Shear Granuluation

This video provides a functional overview of the high shear granulation process used in oral solid dose manufacturing in which powder particles are adhered to one another to form multi-particle aggregates.

Used by Drug Makers, Equipment Manufacturers, College and University Professors, Technical Schools, Training Consultants, Operating Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Field Service Professionals, and Industry Regulators.

Narrative Excerpts

"...the granulation process can either be a dry granulation, where pressure is used to force the particles together, or by wet granulation.  Wet granulation is accomplished in a high shear granulator which consists of a large stainless steel product bowl with a three bladed impeller  and a smaller set of chopper blades..."

aw material properties that impact the process include particle size distribution, moisture content, solubility in the binding solution, ability to absorb the binding solution and surface roughness…"

"…granulation is used to produce dense flowable materials with a controlled particle size that improves content uniformity, especially of low or very high dosage actives, while providing control of hazardous or dusty materials...."


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